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Looking FoR Help Bad!!!

WorriedSickof3 started this conversation
I really need help paying my mortgage any one know where I should look?
I only need help for this month?? Please I have 3 Children ,I'm not looking for hand outs just help
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Hello, I hope these links bring you help. At the modest needs link, you apply for assistance and the organization verifys the need then posts your need to the members of the oranization and in turn they determine how to spend the funds they have at that time. Sometimes it takes a while to get help but at least the organization will contact a person's creditor making they aware you are trying to get the problem resolved. The other links might also help you to locate help. You can also view my members page for other links to many things. God Bless
Modest needs
Emergency Help for utilities
National Housing Law Project
Housing help by Matthew Lesko
HUD housing counselor
Link from aidpage member Idilogic
How to survive a personal crisis from
The Salvation Army

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